Oh My Goodness

My son has been a little toot the last few days. Starting on I think it was Tuesday night he started waking up at night. Now just a little info from how TJ is...He has slept through the night since about 6 weeks old. Before then he would sleep about 6 hours at night, wake up, eat and then go back to sleep. What he would do the last couple of nights is: He would go down fine except as soon as we would walk out the door he would start to fuss. After calming him down he would go to sleep then at around 9:30 as soon as we would lay our heads down and turn of the light he would cry. Now this cry was screaming, scared crying, not even holding him would calm him down crying. At first I think it was spiritual issue. We prayed over him and prayed over his room. The reason I thought it was spiritual is anytime I was holding him and taking him into his room he would start wiggling and getting stiff. He has never done this before. It didn't matter if it was during the day or going to bed, he did this. The first night he did this I thought it was just because of the surgery the second night was horrible we were up till about 12 and then he still woke up at 3,5,6, and 7:30. That's when we prayed over him and the room. He was horrible yesterday crying all the time, cranky, didn't want to lay down, and didn't want to play. SO last night we started over. I thought okay this must be because he is playing me now he is trying to figure out what he can get away with so I'll cry and see what happens. HA! no more! Last night any time he cried (well fussed) I would hurry in there before he woke up and got worked up to put his paci back in his mouth and cover him back up. He would go back to sleep. He only did this once during the night and then didn't do it again till about 6ish. He slept until 9. Praise the LORD!!! he has gone down great for his naps all day today. He fusses a little then crashes. 
My GREAT little boy is back. We about lost our minds but we are doing fine now, good thing since I'm going back to work on Monday. I know I'll get sleep now. I don't think it was just one thing. It probably started out as a painful and spiritual thing but then moved to him just wanting me to hold him. 
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