This Weekend

This weekend has been great. Sorry this one will be long. Rick, Sarah and Piper got to come down and stay a few days with us. Mainly so someone could be here with me while we were at the hospital see this blog and this blog.

They got here thursday afternoon and we just hung out till I had to go to my class at 6:30. We just spent some time hanging out and catching up. 

Thursday night before I left we tried out this toy that TJ can't use yet and she really enjoyed it:

Friday was the big day and TJ along with Sarah and I had to be at the hospital at 7:30. We were out of there by 11 and when we got back we got TJ settled and Sarah and I worked on herBlog. Its super cute and she hasn't updated it in a few months but we got it set up where it easier to update. After Rick got back with Piper he was on his computer and put some music on. TJ just started singing with the music. TJ would stop singing when Rick would start up, but as soon as he stopped singing TJ would start back up. 

Here is the video of Rick singing to him and then TJ starting:
Friday night we went over to Roger and Michelle's house. I think the last time I saw them was when TJ was still in the NICU. I got to see there nice house for the first time and catch up with them. 
Here is Me and the babies on the patio:
Here is a video of TJ trying to crawl while we were of at the Burk's house:
and here are some pictures of him on all fours:

Now for whatever reason Rick and Tim got really sick. We aren't sure if its something they ate or if they both got dehydrated and was kinda a fluke thing they both got sick. Rick started throwing up and had a fever while we were at Roger and Michelle's. The rest of us were feeling fine so were sure it wasn't something we ate and more like he got dehydrated. He was up all last night and didn't fall asleep till 5:30 AM. Then this morning around 8:30 AM Tim got sick and started throwing up. Its very strange and I feel sorry for them. To get away from them, Sarah, Rick and Piper were going to go see his family today so instead me and Sarah along with the babies went to IHOP to give the guys some room to be sick. 

I guess Rick was feeling better so after Sarah dropped me off Rick went with her to his brothers house and just the Leckie's are here at home.

Rick, Sarah and Piper leave tomorrow after lunch and we start are week back up. I'm off this week so I'll get to stay home and play with TJ. Woo Hoo!
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