He Is Getting Bigger

TJ had his 6 month appointment on Monday. He had to get some shots and get checked out. He is weighing in at 19 pounds 4 ½ ounces. He grew two inches in the last month. He is now 27 inches long.

With the shots there is a shot now that is a combination of 3 shots in one so instead of getting 5 shots he only had to get 3. He did well with them just cried while he was being held down but as soon as we let go he was fine.

I love going to see his Doctor. Since he is a family doctor he is also Tim and I’s doctor along with the rest of my family. He has been my doctor since I was 12 so he has seen me grow up and it’s a lot more personal when we go to see him. His nurse absolutely loves TJ and after the medical assistant takes his measurements and she leaves his nurse comes in and talks to us before the doctor gets in there. When they see us in the waiting area they say hi and hurry to get us in.

TJ is now on 3 meals a day. He has started on chicken at night and loves it. He looks like a little bird. Once he finishes the bite he just got he leans forward and opens his mouth as big as he can. I have now taken him off his bottle right before he goes to bed. He did well with going to bed on his own and not needing that milk to go to bed. So now he is eating the right amount of milk a day.

We don’t have to go back till he is a year old. I’m sure there will be some other times that he needs to go in…which reminds me I meant to ask them about a Flu shot when I was there on Monday and I forgot. I’ll have to call them when I’m done with this.

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