the mind of katie

I did it! I got my very own url. I wanted to get one for a while but I was waiting to see if I still liked “the mind of Katie” blog name. It fits me. My mind is random and absolutely no normalcy to it at all. So I feel this is a place where I can just be me, even if that is using the wrong words to describe something. Yes my mom pointed out to me that in my last blog where I said put him down is not the right wording. Oh well at least the people reading this know me and knew what I meant. If not oh well.

Okay now back to the url…I was just looking last night to see if it was an available site and it was so Tim told me to get it. If you still go to the katieleckie.blogspot.com it will redirect you to the new site. I’m not real sure what happens with the RSS feed.

I know the little things in life excite me but hey got to love it.


oh and on Friday I will be putting updates on TJ threw Twitter. So you can follow me on there.

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