Update on TJ

TJ did great today. We had to wait forever for them to come and get him. Which just led to him getting grumpy and tired. He normally eats breakfast at 9 so at around 8:45 he was getting ready to eat and we were stuck entertaining him. He went back at 9:30 and we were taken back at about 10:30.

Here are the pictures from the morning:
Happy, laughing and playing with the nurses.
More Playing.
Moving around the bed
More moving and playing.
Tired of being in the little room with the uncomfortable bed.
Stuck waiting. Tired and Hungry.

Right after he woke up and not understanding what's going on.
Uncomfortable and ready to go home. He screamed until we got out of the hospital.
It was crazy for me I felt like I was back in the NICU. He had cords hanging from him, machines beeping, nurses checking on me, and him screaming. AAAHHH!
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