We Are Walking...

Last night after dinner we decided to go on a walk since the weather was beautiful. We got changed and ready to go. We decided to take Gracee with us since she probably needed the exercise and would love it.
We headed off to the park that I had found on Saturday while I was walking with TJ. Once we got there and walked around half of the part that I did the other day and Tim noticed a path that went down to a wooded area. We decided to head down that way and found ourselves on a bike trail that we had no idea where it went. I think we walked for like a mile or so we got all the way to Grand Prairie. We walked under 360 and past that for a while and decided we should probably start heading back since we have a while to walk back. About half way back TJ got tired of sitting there. So we started jogging back just to give him a little more interest and to get us back faster.
I told Tim that the next time I suggest we walk that we don’t have to walk that far or long again. I didn’t want him to say no next time I suggest it. But the up sides are that we got some exercise, We all got some fresh air and we all slept wonderful last night.
We had a really good dinner last night. We got French onion strips and broke them into small pieces and dipped chicken in eggs and then put the onions all over them and stuck it in the oven to cook. Yummy!!
Oh and the best part of all is we wore Gracee out and she didn’t think that 4 am was a good time to go to the bathroom. Way to go Gracee!!
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