No More Backyard

The part of our day yesterday that I didn't share was the part about Gracee. Now to give you a little history about our dog Gracee and our backyard. When we first moved in she was able to get out of the yard. When she does this she just hangs out in the front yard till we get home so we know how well she did at getting out. Like she is proud of herself.

She did this once when we first moved in and hadn't done again till about a month ago. We both went out to the yard and searched around couldn't find where she got out then forgot about it. Well since we couldn't find where and had left her out there again a few times (without escape) we decided to leave her out there yesterday while we were at the fair. It was a nice day and we knew she would like it out there. We filled up a big bowl of water and put her collar on and headed out the door. 

At about 1:00 I had a few missed calls one from our friend Judy (the one who gave us the dog) and a number I didn't know. Now we got Gracee a tag that had her name and our number on it. The number was worn off and not readable, but the rabies tag was. Which explains why Judy called me. The last time she got a shot was when they took her, so the vet that gave it to her had Judy's number. She gave my number to our neighbor who had called the number about our dog. Ah Hah that's who it was. Well I knew who it was once I listened to the message. It was our neighbor Patty she saw a dog sitting in our yard and wasn't sure if it was ours or not. 

After talking to her an explaining how our fence works and giving her instructions on how to get into the house. (we left it unlocked, oops) We went straight to the place where we had gotten her tag before in the State Fair. But this time we got a tag that attaches to the collar itself and doesn't hang down. Less noisy and convenient so we'll now keep the collar on. Best of both worlds. 

We are so thankful that we have a good dog that will just sit in the yard and such a great neighbor that took care of her. The crazy thing was is that even for that we wouldn't have normally put her collar on, I just happen to see it sitting on the chair right when I was letting her out. 

SOOO no more backyard for Gracee while we are gone until we get holes found and covered. We think she dug out by the gate.
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