Okay I just mainly want to post a blog to show you this picture of me and my boy. We were hanging out outside last night before we ate dinner. And we couldn’t help but get a picture taken.

Dinner last night was so good Lizzie made bean soup. It had all kinds of beans and meat. My mom made some corn bread muffins to go with the soup. It was really good. Thanks to Lizzie and my mom.

Today is like my Friday for the week. Tomorrow I’m off because me and my boys are going to the fair. I’m so excited I love the fair. I love eating the food there and walking until my feet feel like they are going to fall off. Last night Rodney was telling us how yesterday was the first time that he had a Fletcher’s Corn Dog, he was telling us how wonderful it was. It’s a good thing that I’m going tomorrow to get one or I would have been mad that he was talking about it. Can’t wait. Tim and I are also decided that we are going to try some of the weird stuff they always have. The one that sounds good to me is the chicken fried bacon.

I’ll try to take good pictures so I can walk you through our day at the fair.

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