This Friday...duh duh duh

Well some of you may or may not know but we tried are very hardest to get TJ’s Circumcision done when we were in the hospital. But for whatever reason his pediatrician stopped in the middle of it which resulted in it not getting done before we left the hospital. We had to go see a urologist a couple of times and wait till he was 6 months old. Well it’s about that. This Friday he is going in for surgery. They are actually going to have to put him down to do the circumcision.

I just found out that his surgery is scheduled for 7:30 am, but I have to be there at 6:00. We won't know when he needs to stop eating until later in the week when the "knock out" doctor calls. If the schedule is going to change at all we won't be notified till the night before. Rick, Sarah, and Piper are coming to town on Thursday afternoon. So Sarah will get to be with me while we are at the hospital. Tim doesn’t have any more time off so he’ll be at work. And my parents are headed off to New York tomorrow morning. They are going up there to see my brother Josh and his wife Andrea.

The brighter part of this whole situation is we have great insurance and this isn’t costing us a penny!! Praise the Lord for that.
If you think about him in the next few days or even on Friday put a prayer up for him.
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