He's 7 Months Old People!!

That's right TJ is now 7 months old. It seems just like yesterday when I was writing his 6 months blog. Oh and I just remembered that I never posted pictures from his 6 months photo shoot. oops...sorry. Well this has been a very nice month. We took TJ to his first Pumpkin Patch. It was so much fun and we got some good pictures out of it. This month I got a taste of what it would be like to be a stay at home mommy. I was on vacation all last week. It was wonderful! We would sleep in just a bit and then eat breakfast play real hard for a couple of hours and then he would pass out for his morning nap and I would get a bunch of stuff done, he would wake up, eat breakfast and then more playing until afternoon nap time. During the week last week I was so excited. TJ crawled for the first time for me. We were on the floor playing and we have randomly filmed him over the past few months. It started out as just filming him lay there to him playing and talking. okay back to my point. I pulled out the camera to film him just a bit and grabbed the Pooh Bear and told him to come get it. He plopped down on his tummy got into the crawling position and did a couple of crawls (or steps whatever you want to call it) to grab his bear. I instantly sent a text out to a bunch of people saying he had crawled (sorry for those who may have thought I said that he is crawling) he is moving more and more but still enjoying the sitting there and raising his arms till we just come to him.
Well I'm tired and sick so I'm going to leave it at that. Here are some cute pictures of TJ in his new PJ's his Kaykay bought him today:
He was playing with the baby monitor and when I caled his name this is the look he gave me.
I love this picture and you can see his little teeth.
This is the infamous Pooh Bear. He loves this bear, he lites up anytime Pooh is near.
another sweet picture of my little guy
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